UX / UI designers by trade. Creatives at heart.


Sarah Cappello

Greg Tariff

“Design is so simple. That's why it's so complicated”   - Paul Rand


Sarah works with screen printing, acrylics and oils. Her inspiration comes from her travels around the world and from her favorite artists Henri Cartier-Bresson and Marilyn Minter. By day she works in tech as a UX / UI Product Designer. While she is at her studio, the art she creates helps her expand upon her creativity and visually express her thoughts and dreams. Her art reflects the exploration of an alternate perspective.


Greg creates mixed media artwork. He focuses on pop-culture, vibrant colors and a variety of styles with an expressive process filled with patterns and mixed textures. Greg has various themes and strategies throughout his work. Often deconstructed and unrecognizable in form, the extent of his artwork's meaning is usually shifted; left for the viewer to interpret. Greg creates an experience where one will either focus on the overall piece itself or specific details of the creative process.

Shelby ( Intern )

Shelby ( Intern )

Shelby the intern overlooks all works in progress and manages deadlines. She is head greeter and resident cookie monster.